An early rendering of 1100 First Street, Faison's 260-unit residential tower at the corner of 1st and L streets. This is the view of the building's First Street facade, looking east from L Street.
Onyx on First Residential Project

Square 0743N, which is home to the eastern entrance to the Navy Yard metro station, is currently home to new office building 100 M (completed in late 2008) and the Onyx on First apartment building, which opened in 2009. In late 2013 Donohoe announced that its 1111 New Jersey Ave. project would convert from a planned 220,000-sq-ft office building to a 324-unit residential building. Construction could begin in 2014, though it will require the demolition of the St. Matthew's Baptist Church at New Jersey and L.

100 M Office Retail: SunTrust, Gordon Biersch (April 2013)
Onyx: Official Web Site; Nov. 19 Grand Opening Party
1111 New Jersey Ave. (Donohoe)
Architects: WDG (100 M, 1111 NJ); Esocoff & Associates (1100 First)
Zoning Case 06-03, CG Overlay District Review (approved 5/25/06)
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            100 M St.            Onyx on First            1111 New Jersey Ave.            News Items            

If you want to view more before-and-after photos of Onyx on First from additional locations,
see the Expanded Project Archive.

A view of 1st and L before demolition and the start of construction September 2006. (06/06)

The same location, backed up a bit. Originally designed as a condo building, the developers converted to an apartment scheme in late 2007. (3/21/09) Click to see all available photos of this location.

The eastern side of First Street, just south of L Street, in February 2006. (02/06)

The same location, not quite three years later, as Onyx prepares to open. (Use the beige Market Deli building at far left to match the photo locations.) (8/3/08)

A car-repair shop on L Street marked the lot's northeast corner. (02/06)

The same location, completed. (11/15/08) Click to see all available photos of this location.

Square 743N, seen from overhead, in March 2006; St. Matthew's Baptist Church is at bottom, the parking lot is the 1111 New Jersey site, and the Onyx lot is at the right rear of the block. (03/06)

The same location, two years later, with 100 M (left) and Onyx (right) a few months from completion; 1111 New Jersey could start construction at lower left in 2008. At the very top left of the photo you can see the stadium. (11/17/08) Click to see all available photos of this location.

Backing away a bit to show Onyx's place in the L Street skyline; this is looking east down L from Cushing Street, in June 2007; the Onyx lot is the empty spot marked by the crane at far center. (6/07)

The same location, with Onyx nearing completion. (11/17/08) Click to see all available photos of this location.

Onyx and 100 M are visible from inside the Nationals ballpark, although the parking garages and other nearby construction have obscured the view. (8/3/08) Click to see all available photos of this location.

Backing away even more to look at Onyx, from the Southeast Freeway near South Capitol Street; Onyx is at the center-right of this shot, though it's now been obscured by the Velocity condo project under construction across the street. JPI's 70 I Street is the construction at left. (1/18/14) Click to see all available photos of this location.

Looking up First Street from M Street, in May 2003. The parcels that would eventually become the Onyx lot are at the far end of the block. (08/06)

Almost the same location, nearing completion. The Onyx site is the one further to the rear of the photo, beyond 100 M Street. (5/26/13) Click to see all available photos of this location.

Another look at the buildings along First Street that preceded Onyx. These were demolished in Sept. 2006. (02/06)

Looking straight south down L Street, back in September 2003. (09/03)

The same location. (5/10/09) Click to see all available photos of this location.

Onyx's lobby, showing the elevator bank with its amber lighting. (10/4/08)

The reverse view of the lobby, showing the entrance doors from First Street. (10/4/08)

The club room, still awaiting its furniture but displaying the historic Washington baseball photographs that are hung throughout the first floor. (10/4/08)

The club room opens out onto the private courtyard. (10/4/08)

The private courtyard, with a smidge of 100 M at right. (10/4/08)

The concierge desk. (10/4/08)

Looking toward First Street in the 1 br model. (10/4/08)

Living space in the 1 br model. (10/4/08)

The reverse angle of the 1 br model, showing the unique glass separator between the bedroom and kitchen. (10/4/08)

Bedroom in the 1 br model. (10/4/08)

Skyline views to the northwest from Onyx's roof. (10/4/08)

The roof deck. (10/4/08)

The roof deck wraps around the entire building, allowing views of the Anacostia River (beyond the US DOT headquarters). (10/4/08)

On Nov. 1, 2006, an official groundbreaking ceremony for the Onyx project was held; Not-Quite-Yet-Mayor Adrian Fenty was one of the dignitaries. (11/06)

Faison's Donald Deutsch, Mayor-to-Be Adrian Fenty, and Quincy Allen of Canyon-Johnson Urban Funds take care of the ceremonial shovel work, as the Nats mascot Screech oversees. (11/06)

Behind the groundbreaking ceremony, digging work on the
three levels of underground parking continued (and proving that the
"groundbreaking ceremony" was indeed ceremonial). (11/06)

            100 M St.            Onyx on First            1111 New Jersey Ave.            News Items            

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