New Jersey Avenue at M Street, from May 2003 through December 2006. (play again)
Department of Transportation Headquarters

1.35 million sq ft on 11 acres, housing 7,000 workers
Staff Move-ins Begin April, 2007
Developer: JBG Cos.; General Contractors: Clark Construction, Miller & Long
Architects: Michael Graves/DMJM; Interior Design: Ai
Will include a 68,000-square-foot vegetated roof

Jan. 2004 Zoning Board Approval of DOT HQ PUD
WBJ Story Describing the Project (2/16/04)
Clark Construction Picked as DOT Gen. Contractor (7/23/03)
JBG's Southeast site picked for DOT HQ (7/16/01)

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This lovely vista shows the footprint of the new Department of Transportation Headquarters a few months before construction began, and gives a good feel for what M Street looked like for many years. The two buildings will stretch from New Jersey Avenue (the right edge of this photo) to 4th Street (just in front of the brick building at the very very far left). The angle here is somewhat similar to the DOT HQ rendering above. The buildings will be set back 50 feet from the streets for security reasons; the main entrance will be on New Jersey Ave. (see enlargement, and also the Southeast Federal Center page) (10/03)

The June 2008 dusk version of the M Street vista, taken from a slightly different angle, at the New Jersey and M intersection, 14 months after the building opened. And with the Starbucks displayed front and center, to the joy of coffee drinkers throughout the neighborhood. (6/5/08)  Click to see all available photos of this location.

Looking at the Southeast Federal Center and DOT land from Poplar Point, across the Anacostia River, in January 2003. (01/03)

The same location, almost four years later. DOT has now obscured the Library of Congress dome, 300 M, and most of
1100 New Jersey from view. But eventually development right along the river in the remaining 44 acres of the
Southeast Federal Center land will probably obscure the DOT itself. (11/06)

Looking south across M Street on New Jersey Avenue, a few months before construction began. New Jersey Avenue will be extended into the Federal Center land (perhaps all the way to the river, if they can figure out how to get it around the WASA plant [far right]), and is the eastern boundary of the DOT land. (10/03)

The same location on a not-at-all gray day 2 years later, with the extended New Jersey Avenue now open for business, and with new traffic lights in place at the intersectio. Midway down the block is the main entrance to DOT. (6/05/07) Click to see all available photos of this location.

The terribly inviting 3rd and M entrance to the Southeast Federal Center, in January 2003. (01/03)

The same location, 7 years later. Third Street, which splits the two DOT buildings, will not be opened to traffic and will instead be a pedestrian plaza; but it has been constructed in such a way that it could eventually be reopened to traffic if the feds ever stop being so ridiculously paranoid. (4/08/12) Click to see all available photos of this location.

The equally terribly inviting 4th and M entrance to the Southeast Federal Center, in October 2003. 4th Street will be opened to vehicular traffic when the DOT HQ opens in Spring 2007. (10/03)

The same location, 9 years later, with the building now open for business, and 4th Street south of M now open to traffic. (3/09/14) Click to see all available photos of this location.

M Street, from just west of 5th Street, as digging at DOT was just getting underway in March, 2004. (03/04)

The same location, 9 years later, showing the eastern front of the eastern DOT building. (12/15/13) Click to see all available photos of this location.

A wide-angle lens view of the back of the DOT HQ, as seen from 4th and Tingey. The old industrial building at front and center, Building 167 (the old Boiler Maker's Shop), is actually not part of the DOT project but instead will be renovated as part of the Southeast Federal Center redevelopment. The red brick building at far left, Building 170, will be renovated to provide 8,000 sq ft of retail, with an additional 10,500 sq ft possible if a second floor is created. (12/06)

Looking back up 3rd Street through the DOT construction, from 3rd and Tingey, in August 2005. Building 170 is at left. (08/05)

The same location, 16 months later, with exterior construction and the streetscaping of the the 3rd Street pedestrian plaza close to finished. (12/06)

The landscaping of a walkway behind the eastern DOT building, seen from the 3rd Street pedestrian plaza (Building 167, not part of the DOT project, is at right). The entrances to these walkways are each framed with a iron sculpture of a different style of bridge. (12/06)

Building 170, on the northwest corner of 3rd and Tingey, is to be renovated to house retail and restaurant offerings (since stringent federal requirements now prevent the offering of public amenities inside new federal buildings). There will also be a large plaza next to and behind this building, which alas I didn't get a good shot of before I was chased off the lot. (12/06)

The southwest corner of the 11-acre DOT site, with the southwest plaza at center and Building 170 at right. (3/18/07)

Looking north in May 2004 through the DOT construction from Tingey Street, at what will be the new south end of New Jersey Avenue, looking along the sightline of where the re-opened New Jersey Avenue will run. 1100 New Jersey Ave. (aka 140 M Street, aka the Federal Gateway) is the tower at center. (05/04)

The same location, just under three years later, with DOT (front) and Capitol Hill Tower (rear) now part of the skyline. And the Capitol Dome, too, as you look up New Jersey Ave. (3/18/07)

The main entrance to the DOT HQ, on the "new" New Jersey Avenue between M and N. Check out the fun sign! (3/18/07)

A festively stylized shot of the 4th street entrance to the DOT HQ, between M and Tingey. (12/06)

Sneaking a peek into the DOT land in October 2003, at 4th Street just south of M. You want pavement, you got pavement. (10/03)

The same location, 14 months later and nearly a year into construction. (12/04)

The view from above M Street as digging ended and concrete pouring got underway. These are two photos collaged into one, hence the fish-eye like feel, and poor perspective that makes the area to the right of the photo look so much larger than the area to the left, which isn't the case. (09/04)

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